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Sagamore Signature Rye Whiskey

Sagamore Signature Rye Whiskey

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ABV : 47 %   Size 750ml

Sagamore Spirit is bringing back the historical style of Maryland rye whiskey which is typically sweeter. It was during the 1800's that the style came into its own and grew immensely popular. 

Though it was nearly lost to history, Sagamore Spirit is bringing the tradition back, opening the distillery in 2017 on the banks of the Patapsco River. The distillers make two batches of whiskey – one made with a mash bill of 95% rye and 5% malted barley, and the other with just 52% rye and the rest mostly corn, which is sweeter – and blend them together. Then it’s all brought down to bottling strength with limestone-filtered water from Sagamore Farm.SSagamore Spirit Rye Whiskey is a blend of two straight rye mash bills, aged 4 to 6 years in high-char American oak barrels. The first is a high-rye, which adds notes of cinnamon and clove, and the second, a low-rye, contributes notes of caramel, honey, and citrus peel. Sagamore Spirit Rye Whiskeyis proofed with limestone-filtered water from our spring house built in 1909 and represents our team’s thoughtful approach to crafting a classic Maryland-style rye whiskey.  

Tasting Notes

Traditional Maryland-Style Rye Whiskey. Candied dried orange peel with notes of clove and nutmeg. Lingering hints of walnut and brown sugar to finish.

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