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Yellow Rose Outlaw Bourbon

Yellow Rose Outlaw Bourbon

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AVB: 46%  Size: 700ml

True to its name, this one breaks all the traditional bourbon laws. Made from 100% Texas yellow corn and aged in small American oak barrels in Houston. The bigdegree temperature swings in this part of Texas give the Outlaw unique characteristics. In fact, the angel share is 15% per year, making this whiskey extremely rare and valuable to bourbon lovers.

Outlaw Bourbon is full-flavored with warm caramel and vanilla overtones. Our traditional pot still helps us produce a true small-batch whiskey. One sip and we think you’ll agree you’ve never had anything like it.

Nose:  Intense aroma, rich caramel, and vanilla with a hint of floral

Palate: Slightly sweet and extremely rich

Finnish: Long, maintaining caramel and vanilla. Like a good dessert


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