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Wild Turkey Rare Breed Barrel Proof

Wild Turkey Rare Breed Barrel Proof

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ABV: 58.4%   Bottle: 700ml

The bold spirit of Wild Turkey is present in this authentic barrel proof whiskey—the original “small batch” barrel proof bourbon. No water is added. Like drinking straight from the cask.

The intense vanilla and exceptional mouthfeel have made this expression a legend in its own right—best enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

Tasting Notes


Scents of caramel and toffee combine with bright orange zest and light citrus. Seasoned oak adds depth and hints towards the older bourbon in the blend, but doesn’t overpower the brighter notes. The strength of the proof is also notable, as the intensity of it makes itself known with a deep inhale.


A sweet and spicy mix of rye spice, maple sugar, caramel, and leather finds intensity immediately. Sweet clementines and a hint of tobacco provide an extra layer of depth, adding a bit of intrigue to an otherwise traditional flavor profile. The resulting combination is a good one, giving way to a nice mix of flavors with more than adequate depth and complexity.


Sweet overpowers spice, as caramel and maple sugar candy temper the rye spice to a dull roar as the finish progresses. This is definitively the best part of the sip with additional flavors of leather, tobacco, orange zest, and toffee weave in and out showcasing the layers of flavor offered by this bourbon

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