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Whiskey Gift Box: A Top Shelf Selection

Whiskey Gift Box: A Top Shelf Selection

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Balcones Tasting Gift Box Options

At Bourbon Brothers we are known for our awesome subscription and tasting  boxes. They are wonderful gifts for someone else, but also exciting tasting opportunities just for you and some mates.  

This is our "Numero Uno" offering!!!!

The TOP SHELF selection is chosen from our premier range of whiskies. They don't necessarily represent the most expensive, but rather unique choices that are not readily available in the market. They are derived from  small batches where the distilling process is varied, providing an array of flavours. Each has been picked by experts like Prime Barrel and Cerbaco.

  • We are proud to offer the very limited release from  Old Louisville Batch 2 Straight Bourbon Whiskey.  Only 1622 cask strength bottles are produced.  Each barrel is stored in very humid cellars to help draw out the flavours. They use only premium spirit and age their whiskey for 7- 10 years before bottling it by hand A straight Bourbon bottled at barrel proof – uncut, unfiltered. It's not cheap, but once tasted you will realise its value
  • The second pick is one created by Prime Barrel, in conjunction with Bourbon Brothers. Angel's Envy "Devil's Advocate" Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.  This program also differs from others due to Angel's Envy not allowing barrel strength bottling, presumably not to compete with their flagship cask strength edition.  In Prime Barrel's own words:  "The winning barrel  stood out for several reasons. First, it has an incredible nose  - it just blew other samples we tasted away right from the get-go. Second, the' very bold flavour. Even though this is a manageable 108 Proof (by single barrel standards), it does drink a lot bolder than that."
  • Castle & Key Single  Barrel Restoration Rye, another sold out barrel pick by Prime Barrel.  Bourbon Brothers were very lucky to obtain a limited number of bottles. This cask strength rye stands out in a very strong rye market. Only a small batch were bottled.  At 119 Proof you wouldn't expect the smoothness in this whiskey.


  • A surprise  4th  bottle creating 4 x 100 bottles, from our TOP SHELF selection
  • 2 tasting glasses and coasters
  • your choice of chocolates, nuts and jerky

 The Our picks for you:

  • 1 x 100ml. Old Louisville Batch 2 Straight Bourbon Whiskey
  • 1 x 100ml. Angel's Envy "Devil's Advocate" Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
  • 1 x 100ml. astle & Key Single  Barrel Restoration Rye,


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