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Old Number 15 Bourbon

Old Number 15 Bourbon

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AVB:37%    Bottle: 700ml

Introducing Old Number 15 Bourbon, a no-frills bourbon that's perfect for those who appreciate a simple and straightforward bourbon experience. While it may not boast the complexities of more premium brands, Old Number 15 delivers a reliable and familiar bourbon taste.

With its warm amber hue and a modest aroma of caramel and vanilla, this bourbon sets the stage for a no-nonsense drinking experience. Take a sip and you'll encounter a smooth and easygoing texture, with flavors of oak, subtle sweetness, and just a touch of spice. The finish is nothing too fancy, but it lingers just long enough to remind you that you're enjoying a classic bourbon.

Old Number 15 Bourbon may not win any awards or blow you away with its complexity, but it's an honest and approachable choice for casual whiskey drinkers. So if you're looking for a no-frills bourbon to enjoy on a relaxed evening, give Old Number 15 a try. Sometimes simplicity is just what you need. Cheers!

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