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Old Louisville Batch 2

Old Louisville Batch 2

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ABV:48%.       Bottle: 750ml

Aged for a MINIMUM OF 7 YEARS.
Each bottle is truly a work of art.

We are proud to offer the very limited release from  Old Louisville.  Only 1622 cask strength bottles are produced.  Each barrel is stored in very humid cellars to help draw out the flavours. They use only premium spirit and age their whiskey for 7- 10 years before bottling it by handA straight Bourbon bottled at barrel proof – uncut, unfiltered. It's not cheap, but once tasted you will realise its value

This is no normal bourbon!!

There's something special about a family-owned business. When you patronize one, you can't help but feel like you're supporting something bigger than just the product or service being offered. You're supporting dreams, goals, and ambitions. You're supporting a legacy. That's what you're supporting when you purchase a bottle of our whiskey here at the Old Louisville Whiskey Co.

The Old Louisville Whiskey Co. is much more than just a bourbon brand—it’s a labor of love for Amine and Beth Karaoud.

"Old Louisville is really where we learned the trade of whiskey and gained our bourbon knowledge," said Amine Karaoud. "Much like the neighborhood, we wanted to release a whiskey that was aged properly. It took patience, but it has been well worth it."

Tasting Notes

 Nose:  A front in bright fruits, green carmel apple with rye spices and heavy vanilla sweetness.

Palate:  Front in spice with a swirl of. sweetness and burst of freshness. The spiced heat profile of the rye softly settling on the tongue

 Finish:A zesty spice brings out a denser sweet nectar swirls with the main body to create an intricate finish.


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