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Noah's Mill Small Batch Bourbon

Noah's Mill Small Batch Bourbon

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Noah’s Mill is a small batch of world-class bourbon and has even impressed the likes of Jim Murray. 

It’s a hit creation from the Willet Distillery, a small batch and rare type of Bourbon. It pays true respect to early pioneers of Kentucky after the Revolutionary War who started distilling excess corn into tasty Bourbon. 

Noah’s mill combines different bourbons into a wonderful blend of unparalleled and balanced complexity and depth. It may seem like fancy words have been thrown around, but you will soon agree when you try it. 

Casks of Bourbon are left alone for two decades; then, they are bottled at 114 proof only in small batches. This rare Bourbon is creating a storm in the Bourbon world as this Bourbon is smooth without a nasty after taste despite it being a beasty proof. It has amazing spicy flavors that blend exceptionally well with creamy and sweet aromas so


 Double Gold Meda, San Francisco World Spirits Competition - 2012.

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