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Leopold Bros Bottled-In-Bond 5 Year Bourbon

Leopold Bros Bottled-In-Bond 5 Year Bourbon

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A truly unique whiskey from Colorado's Leopold Bros., this undergoes an open fermentation in wooden tanks with both house-cultured and indigenous yeast strains. It is then traditionally pot distilled and aged five years in new American white oak charred barrels on earthen floors in the distillery's unheated dunnage-style bonded warehouse.

Aside from that refreshingly traditional production, the whiskey is also notable for its very unique mashbill: 64% corn, 21% malted barley (malted on their own malting floor at the distillery), and 15% Abruzzi heritage rye, all Colorado grown. Generally malted barley is used in American whiskey simply as a kickstarter for fermentation, but Leopold Brothers have leaned into the lush, roasted, chocolatey, and textured qualities of the grain to really drive the flavour profile of the bourbon, with rye adding some additional spice, but not playing the usual role as the flavour grain.

The barley influence is apparent right from the get go with a nose full of roasted malt, cocoa, straw, fresh baked bread, soft fruits, and a hint of rye spice. The palate follows with a full body, creamy mouthfeel, and notes of cinnamon, toffee, pear, cola, and cracked black pepper. The finish is soft and silky, lingering on dark baking chocolate, roasted malt, and cherries.

Bottled unfiltered at 50% abv.
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