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La Cofradia Ed Catrina Reposado

La Cofradia Ed Catrina Reposado

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ABV 40%  750ml

For over 50 years, La Cofradia have been distilling and bottling Tequila and it is with this length of experience that has made them one of the finest and best in the market. Producing top quality products with high quality agave using traditional methods but in a modern industrial plant. Their tequilas are bottled in blown glass or ceramic bottles.

La Cofradia (NOM 1137) was the original distillery that produced the now much sought after Clase Azul Tequila.

La Cofradia catrina reposado is presented in this ceramic bottle featuring an elegant female skeleton (Catrina) with autumn flowers in her hair. Born in the 1920’s, Catrina is a symbol of Mexican traditions and still appreciated to this day.

Catrina is one of the special edition Tequila La Cofradía evoking one of the most important traditions in Mexican culture – “The Day of the Dead”.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Light aromas of toffee, oak and dried fruit. Some alcohol

Palate: Soft agave, stone fruits and oak. Toffee and caramel.



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