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Kentucky Owl , Batch 12, Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Kentucky Owl , Batch 12, Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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If you are going to pay $400 for a bourbon, This is what you should expect; a big traditional bourbon.  I do believe the wheated notes would get people very excited about this pour and this bottle could disappear into glasses in one night with the right group of friends...Bourbon Lens

 Even though it carries a. high price tag, it’s hard to deny that Kentucky Owl Bourbon Batch #12 delivers a quintessential classic sip that won’t disappoint those who pay its asking price.

In 2014, Kentucky Owl started releasing their bourbon batch blends which were originally brought to market by Dixon Dedman.  Kentucky Owl Bourbon Batch #12 is the latest batch by Master Blender John Rhea. He blended 7- to 14-year-old bourbons with two different 4-year-old bourbons to create Batch #12.  

Kentucky Owl Bourbon Batch #12 is a quintessential bourbon through and through. The sip kicks off with a great combination of scents that balances sweetness with more grounded aromas that draw you in. The midpoint contains classic well-defined flavors that are nicely enhanced by the bourbon’s higher proof, but never feel overpowering. While the finish doesn’t quite live up to the nose and palate, it still delivers a satisfying ending to the sip. Past batches of Kentucky Owl bourbon have carried high price tags, and Batch #12 continues that trend.

Tasting Notes:

Kentucky Owl Confiscated is a complex bourbon with distinctive flavor. There's plenty of vanilla and oak, but layered atop that are notes of aniseed, green cardamom, cherry, and brown sugar. It drinks hotter than one might expect, but enjoyably so; it's a whiskey that can be simply enjoyed but also rewards exploration.

Nose: Aged leather | Smoked oak chips | Butterbeer | Touch of caramel | Light brown sugar | White peppercorn | Pleasing opening

Palate: Rye spice | Dry aged oak | Peppercorn spice mix | Caramel sweetness | Light brown sugar | Good mix of spicy & sweet | Classic bourbon notes

Finish:  Bold spice | Light leather | Touch of brown sugar | Light whipped cream | Lingering light heat

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