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Jeffersons Very Small Batch Bourbon

Jeffersons Very Small Batch Bourbon

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The Jefferson Small Batch Bourbon continues to be one of our best sellers.  The flavour belies its very affordable price. On a Value for money basis...this is the best you will get!!

Jeffersons Very Small Batch Bourbon is a blend of their base Jefferson’s bourbon – a simple, yet substantial whiskey – with 3 additional hand-selected straight bourbons of varying mash bills and ages. This creates a whiskey of consistent quality while allowing for complex nuances to express themselves in each new batch. 

Jeffersons Very Small Batch Bourbon is an approachable, easy-drinking and smooth bourbon whiskey that’s perfect whether enjoyed neat or in a cocktail.

NOSE:         Brown Sugar with a hint of citrus

FLAVOUR:   Vanilla, Peaches, Toffee

FINISH:        Delicate and Warm, honey


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