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Howler Head Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey

Howler Head Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey

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ABV: 40%.      Bottle:750ml

Banana's gone crazy. Yeah, that's right - we said bananas-blended with the finest Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey we could get our paws on. You've got a kick of oak, a whirl of sweetness, and some straight-from-the-jungle Bananarama goodness. Some people said we were monkeying around. They said the convention is not to be trifled with. We heard them. There are whole cities full of people not trifling with convention. For the rest of us: Welcome to the jungle.

It’s made with the good stuff – real Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey aged for two years in American oak barrels toasted with an aggressive #4 alligator char. It is then blended with natural banana flavour for a smooth, kick of banana goodness. Official Flavoured Whiskey Partner of the UFC.

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