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Sagamore Double Oak Rye

Sagamore Double Oak Rye

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ABV : 48.3% %   Size 750ml

Sagamore Spirit took its already awesome Signature Rye and treated it to a secondary four month stint in new toasted oak barrels. Hence the , Double Oak! The toasty, caramel notes from the new oak work wonderfully alongside the sweeter, Maryland-style rye whiskey.

Sagamore Spirit is bringing back the historical style of Maryland rye whiskey which is typically sweeter. It was throughout the 1800s that the style came into its own and grew immensely popular. 

After aging their straight rye whiskey for 4 to 5 years in high-char new American oak barrels, the distillers transfer the aged whiskey into toasted wave stave barrels for an additional 18 months. The increased surface area of the low-char, medium-plus-toast staves imparts Double Oak’s delightful caramel, toffee, hazelnut, and toasted coconut.

the classic Maryland-style rye whiskey is reimagined through this innovative aging process and then proofed with limestone-filtered water from our spring house built in 1909. The final spirit is a shining example of old meeting new.

Tasting Notes

Nose :  Sweet, spicy grain, with brown sugar, cinnamon butter and oily orange peel.

Palate:  Apple crumble with a good helping of cinnamon, with dark chocolate praline, a crack of black pepper and creamy ground almond.

Finish:  Lingering rich sweetness of pecan pie.

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