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Belle Meade Bourbon

Belle Meade Bourbon

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"The Double Gold designation is awarded to the very few entries that receive Gold medal ratings by all members of the judging panel. These are among the finest products in the world."
- San Francisco World Spirits Competition

In order to uphold the brand's history and guarantee that only the highest quality Bourbon bears the Belle Meade label, only barrels from the nation's top distillers are carefully chosen. To maintain Belle Meade Bourbon's unique taste, a distinct blend of high-rye mash bills and complementary yeast strains is created. Each batch of our well-aged proprietary blend produces the signature flavor profile that makes Belle Meade Bourbon the award-winning choice for whiskey enthusiasts with discerning palates.

The expertly crafted Belle Meade Bourbon features a high-rye blend that adds versatility to its flavor profile. Whether enjoyed neat, with a splash, or on the rocks, this blend can also be used to create exceptional cocktails. With a high rye content and a bottling proof of 90.4, this Bourbon holds its own against mixers that typically overpower other Bourbons, making it an ideal choice for classic or innovative cocktails.

The history of Belle Meade is worth a read: visit Belle Meade: The History


  • Winner: Double Gold Medal,2015 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. 
  • Winner: - Outstanding Gold, 2015 Spirits of the Americas Competition
  • Winner: - Made In The South Awards 2013, Garden & Gun Magazine
  • Winner: - Top 3, Best Bourbons In America, Maxim Magazine
  • 93 Points - Tasting Panel Magazine
  • 91 Points - Wine Enthusiast Magazine

In 1878, Charles Nelson created Belle Meade Bourbon, which was distributed by Nelson's Green Brier Distillery. The brand became popular for its high quality and value. However, it was lost during Tennessee's Prohibition. Years later, Charles' descendants, Andy and Charlie Nelson, stumbled upon the distillery ruins and decided to revive it. Facing struggles and rejections, they eventually succeeded in creating a proprietary blend of bourbon, inspired by the original Belle Meade Bourbon. Today, Belle Meade Bourbon is produced at Nelson's Green Brier Distillery and has received numerous awards.

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