Who are the Bourbon Brothers?

Who are the Bourbon Brothers?

Love your American whiskeys and need a bourbon subscription or gift idea in Australia? You’re in luck. Founded in Covid lockdown Melbourne, a small group of mates set off on a journey to deliver premium bourbon and American whiskies to their likeminded compatriots. Realising that spending upwards of 120 dollars on a single bottle is a bit much for the average bloke (or lass), we at Bourbon Brothers decided to create what we think is the best whiskey subscription service available in Australia

We love a great whiskey, especially bourbon, and there is so much more to explore than Jack and Jim! While throwing around the founding ideas for the company, we said “hell no!” to tiny 30ml or 60ml bottles, instead offering a pack of three much larger 100ml tasters. This allows for a more intimate connection with our collection of fine bourbons and whiskey, perfect for the individual, but also enough to share.

Arriving at your door in premium packaging, Bourbon Brothers offers you three 100ml tasting bottles every month for you to try without the guilt of splurging at the bottle shop. Plus, with plenty of member-only offerings available, you can get started for less than the average bottle price! Keeping things simple with no contracts and no hidden fees, Bourbon Brothers does what it does best – deliver delicious premium bourbon and American whiskey straight to your door every month.

Getting started with the Australian bourbon subscription is super easy thanks to the straightforward setup. Go month to month at the standard rate, and if you don’t like what’s coming the following month, you can skip a box at no cost.

They’ve even got gift-givers covered too with their Premium Gift Pack options . Alongside three expertly selected 100ml premium bourbon / American whiskey tasters, you’ll receive two Bourbon Brothers ‘Glencairn’ style tasting glasses and two Bourbon Brothers coasters. Or you can grab the months box as a one-off purchase.

And for those who stumble across a sample they just have to have more of, there is special members-only access to full bottles. What more could you ask for?

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