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Wild Turkey 101 Rye (1ltr)

Wild Turkey 101 Rye (1ltr)

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A legendary 101 proof straight rye whiskey known for its deep golden amber colour and warm, smoky flavour with a rich, balanced aroma of vanilla and spice. 101 Rye finishes long and spicy and stands up to any mixer and shines through in a classic cocktail like the Old Fashioned.

Sweet bread pudding and cracked pepper are tinged with wintergreen and earthy oak, the alcohol strikes just a touch sharp. With water, banana, lemon, and vanilla cupcake sweetness appear. On the palate, lively citrus, white pepper, violet candies, and peanuts, before finishing with a tapestry of spices: ginger, allspice, and paprika. Characterful, well-proofed, and tasty stuff.

(50.5% ABV)

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