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Whiskey Gift Box: Michters Collection

Whiskey Gift Box: Michters Collection

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We are known for our monthly subscription tasting boxes. Many customers  don't want a subscription, but  love the concept. Based on their demand we have designed a range Whiskey Gift Boxes that can be bought individually. Each  has its own theme, and price range, so there is something for everyone.

Michters is an American I con and voted the Worlds Most Admired Whiskey.

Best of the Best - the Rob Report.

Whiskey of the Year..the Whiskey Exchange

The best American whiskey and Wine

If you haven't tried  Michters whiskey yet, this sample will get you hooked.

Our Michter's Whiskey Gift Box picks:

  1. US 1 Straight Kentucky Bourbon
  2. US 1 Rye
  3. US 1 Sour Mash

Create the ultimate  Michters Whiskey Gift Box by adding

  • A surprise (chosen by us) Michters whiskey 4th bottle creating 4 x 100ml pack
  • A surprise Michters 4th bottle creating a 4 x 100ml pack
  • 2 tasting glasses and coasters
  • your choice of chocolates, nuts and jerky
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