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Rabbit Tale Cavehill (known as Rabbit Hole in USA) Kentucky Bourbon

Rabbit Tale Cavehill (known as Rabbit Hole in USA) Kentucky Bourbon

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On first glance Rabbit Tale's (Rabbit Hole in the USA) sexy whiskey bottle with its modern design and elegant curves seems as if it may be just another marketing play - boring whiskey in a high end bottle. But a closer look reveals more than meets the eye: It’s 70% corn, 25% rye, 5% malted barley mashbill, a 3 year age statement, and information revealing it was aged in barrels from Kelvin Cooperage. While this inclusion of details may go unnoticed by most, it’s welcomed information for those seeking a little more background. Beyond the label, Rabbit Hole’s website reveals Heigold entered the barrel at 110 proof, much lower than the more typical (and maximum allowed by law) 125 proof, and was aged in char #3 barrels. 

While the Rabbit Tail (previously Rabbit Hole) is three years old, you would never guess it based on Heigold’s taste alone. It’s also characteristically sweet, maybe to a fault. Further, its 95 proof is not exceptionally high, however it drinks lower. This sweet, developed, and easy-sipping experience is sure to appeal to many. However, there are plenty of sweet, easy-drinking bourbons to choose from, making Rabbit Hole’s Heigold less of a standout than its packaging might suggest.


GOLD - San Francisco World Spirits Competition. 2019

GOLD - Best in class, World Win e and Spirits. 2019



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