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Jeppson's Bourbon Whiskey

Jeppson's Bourbon Whiskey

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AVB:  50%.    Bottle: 750 ml

Jeppson's Bourbon Whiskey is not well known in Aus, but is  an exceptional choice. Jeppson's Bourbon Whiskey from the esteemed Illinois distiller, is a high-quality bourbon. It  is renowned for its distinctive whiskey character and one of the finest, most discernible styles produced in Illinois. This iteration  from Jeppson's Bourbon Whiskey represents the height of distilling excellence. 


Tasting Notes:

Nose: The nose doesn’t come off as young as you’d think, with notes of corn bread being.  There are plenty of warm cinnamon baking spice notes and the sweet scents of vanilla and brown sugar.  
Palate: Sweet vanilla pudding with caramel and some slight baking spice flavors all serve up more of that traditional bourbon profile that I found on the nose.  There is some buttery cornbread and a small amount of seasoned oak.Fruit is somewhat absent overall but I do find some citrus notes.
Finish: The oak on the finish becomes more pronounced than it was on the palate while baking spices are on full display.  The finish is sweet enough with no offensive young notes and the orange peel citrus notes lingers around for a while too.


  • GOLD medal The Beverage Testing Institute
  • 91 point rating by The Beverage Testing Institute
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