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Hirsch The Horizon

Hirsch The Horizon

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 90 Points - Whiskey Advocate

Hirsch The  Horizon is a "high rye" straight bourbon distilled in Lawrenceburg, Indiana.  Each bottle of this small batch bourbon is identified with a batch number on the tax strip and updated whiskey specifications on the back of the bottle. 

A classic bourbon profile with sweet cornbread and vanilla on the nose.  The palate is balanced with warm notes of cinnamon and oak.  A slight lingering sweetness on the finish. 

Bottled at 92 proof, The Hirsch, The Horizon is crafted to be enjoyed neat or on the rocks.


  • 90 Points - Whiskey Advocate
  • Best Non Kentucky Bourbon: World whisky Awards, 2021
  • Gold: USA Spirits Rating, 2020
  • Master: The Spirits Business, 2021

Tasting Notes

Nose:    Sweet, light, and approachable. Summer fruit, vanilla, and oak. It lacks complexity, but it doesn’t overpower without any heat, making an good impression

Palate: There is almost any heat, but flavours intensify  to make the bourbon more interesting. Caramel and vanilla, oak, and tobacco.  Light but flavourful, it’s approachable.

Finish: A little spice, medium length finish. Traces of caramel, vanilla, and oak.Like the rest of the sip, It’s pleasant, approachable.

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