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Elijah Craig Single Barrel 8 year old - Private Barrel

Elijah Craig Single Barrel 8 year old - Private Barrel

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As a longtime Elijah Craig fan, when Bourbon Brothers was offered a their choice between 2 fantastic single barrel picks (picked by Elijah Craig staff), it was a no brainer. We looked at each other and said "Por qué no los dos" (Why not both?).

So that's what we did, bringing 2 fantastic, delicious single barrel picks to this great land of ours.

The standard release Elijah Craig Small Batch is always a solid pour and well priced. Single Barrel store picks, ranging in age from 8 to 12 years can be quite different from one to the next, this one leaning more into oak and that one into caramel. They also tend to evolve in the bottle after uncorking, sometimes even radically, but always within a dependable trifecta of oak, caramel, and baking spices.

With such a dependable whiskey at hand, Heaven Hill is right to share these beauties. And I’m happy to drink the results!

If there's one thing you can rely on Bourbon Brothers for is making sure we don't bring you average bourbon and these picks are anything but average!

Elijah Craig Single Barrel 8 year old (47% ABV) $179:
Barrel #: 6670891
Rickhouse: P
Floor: 3

Toasted almond, graham flower, hazelnut, pine sap, fresh green apple, pomelo, honeycomb, red cherry, oregano, char

Maple syrup, marshmallow, whipped cream, toasted oak, pumpkin pie, vanilla, clove, pecans

Long finish with notes of pink peppercorn and toasted honey cashews

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