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AVB:  48%.     Bottle: 700ml

From the famed master distiller, the one everyone in the industry looks up to, Billy Walker comers a unique range of whiskies from the limited Virgin Oak edition.

This range is not readily available in Australia

From Batch 3 of their Virgin Oak Series, we are proud to present an innovative single malt which enjoyed secondary aging in Hungarian oak, Spanish Oak and Scottish oak.

Master Distiller Billy Walker’s search for the unusual led him:

  • to the mountains of northeast Hungary to the Zemplén forest. Its rocky volcanic soil, along with its colder climate and higher altitude, means that the trees in this region grow very slowly, giving the oak a tight grain – a desirable trait for aging spirit.  Keen to experiment with this rare oak, the barrels were toasted and charred to a medium level before hosting our complex spirit. One of the world’s first single malts finished in Hungarian virgin oak (Quercus Petraea), expect an aromatic, well-balanced and wonderfully unique whisky delivering silky smooth richness.
  • the Scottish Atlantic where the  Scottish oak is incredibly challenging to work with at all stages of production: growing, milling and coopering. Its rarity, costliness and tendency to knot mean it is scarcely used for whisky maturation. Before being filled, the wood was air dried for 36 months, then toasted and charred to a medium level. Despite presenting difficulties, this desirable oak imparts luxurious notes of blonde chocolate, with hints of zesty orange and smooth toffee to offer a truly unique drinking experience.
  • regions of Galicia and Asturias, specifically from the forests of the Cantabrian Mountains, which have a cool, humid climate. The oak was air dried for around 18 months and then toasted and charred to a medium level, opening up the oak to allow our complex spirit to extract its cask character. The secondary ageing in these virgin casks deepened the mahogany hue of the whisky and created a palate rich with dried fruits, maraschino cherries and hints of stem ginge

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