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Michter’s Toasted Barrel Strength Rye

Michter’s Toasted Barrel Strength Rye

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‍‍‍‍AVB:  54%

Proof:  108

Bottle:  700ml

While the Michter’s team distills according to tried and true Kentucky practices, it continually experiments as it pursues Michter’s goal of making the greatest American whiskeys. Following years of research on different barrel finishes for rye whiskey, they are proud to offer this release of our Michter’s US1 Toasted Barrel Rye. To make it they take their  US1 Kentucky Straight Rye at barrel strength and then age it for an additional period in a second custom barrel. This second barrel is assembled from 24 month air-dried wood and then toasted to their specifications. The result is a unique rye whiskey that we take pride in offering to you. The average strength of the barrels in the September 2023 release is 108.9 proof.

Tasting Notes

Nose: caramel with black cherry and apple in tow. A swirl of the glass reveals a soft side to the aroma that takes on traits of creamy vanilla custard, bread pudding

Palate:You’ll instantly take note of any rye that has a creamy consistency, and this one in particular seems even more noticeable. 

Finish: ingering toasted oak note that's punctuated thanks to the inclusion of cinnamon, sandalwood, and cedar. Intensity and balance are well executed.

Michters Distiller Accolades

“Best of the Best”
Robb Report
Richard Carleton Hacker

“The American distillery that has become a cult favorite”
Market Watch
Charles Passy

“Whisky of the Year”
The Whisky Exchange

“The panel’s favorite…”
The Los Angeles Times
Charles Perry

“…quite simply the best bourbon I’ve had all year”
The Tasting Panel
Fred Minnick

“Classic (96-100) Highest Recommendation”
Wine Enthusiast

“Best American Whiskey”
Food & Wine
Pete Wells

“Most Admired American Whiskey”
Drinks International

Exquisite…one of the best whiskeys in the world”
American Whiskey, Bourbon & Ryel
Clay Risen

***** Highest Recommendation”
The Spirit Journal
F. Paul Pacult

“It’s stunning…when I tasted the whiskey recently I was blown away…”
Bon Appétit
Andrew Knowlton

“…high quality mood enhancement…absolutely beautiful.”
Richard Nalley

The Wall Street Journal 
Kevin Sintumuang

“Spectacular…powerful yet smooth”
Founder & Publisher of The Wine Advocate
Robert Parker

“Michter’s 10-year-old takes the title”
The San Francisco Chronicle
Gaz Regan

“Michter’s makes some truly incredible whiskeys…”
The Huffington Post
Tony Sachs

“Distillery of the Year”
Wine Enthusiast

“Bask in the aftertaste and never brush your teeth again”
Maxim Magazine


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