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Maker's Mark 101 (1ltr)

Maker's Mark 101 (1ltr)

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First released for Travel Retail, then as a distillery exclusive in mid 2019, 101 Proof was the must-have Maker's in 2020. Besides a few select Kentucky retailers, global retail markets have been left dry. Using the same mash bill as standard Makers, 101 showcases the bolder side of the Kentucky standard. Master Distiller, Rob Samuels explains, "The front-of-the-tongue, delicious bourbon flavour is still there thanks to our soft red winter wheat. It’s just richer and more intense at a higher proof." The boys at compared 101 to the cask strength and standard Makers in a line up , summing up their observations below. With the entire Maker's portfolio being just four bottles (regular, Private Select, 46, and Cask Strength), long time followers of this distillery will know just how rarely new products come along. We may not be able to source this again, so if you're a Maker's completionist, grab it while you can!

(50.52% ABV - 101 Proof)


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