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Blanton's Gold Edition Single Barrel Bourbon DUMPED -23

Blanton's Gold Edition Single Barrel Bourbon DUMPED -23

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51.5% ABV - 103 Proof.   Bottle: 700ml

The benchmark when it comes to premium, single-barrel bourbon, Blanton's Original Single Barrel Bourbon is strictly for collectors and connoisseurs. Mature and complex, the 'Original' boasts a unique balance of intensity and bold flavour thanks to Blanton's selective, handpicked process. Though not as rare as it once was, having been reserved for dignitaries and VIPs for almost 50 years before becoming available to the public, the Original Single Barrel remains an elusive, highly sought-after spirit. Exceptionally refined and beautifully crafted, this bourbon is characterised by a smooth, languid, and luxurious profile that lives up to its reputation as the cult single barrel bourbon whiskey.

(51.5% ABV - 103 Proof)

Bottled: Dumped 4-4-23                                                                                               

Barrel #: 834

Rick #: 34


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